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Location: Capena (RM)
Year: 2009
Client: Municipality of Capena

A fantastic garden in which every shape and color is able to surprise. A set of giant benches covered in colorful mosaics and ornaments of various kinds that is worthy of the collaboration with Rosina Wachtmeister. The shapes follow soft lines in perfect harmony with the natural landscape that surrounds them, embellished by the cyclopic presence of snakes, dragons, chameleons, toads and turtles.

The installation, rigorously covered in mosaic, is located in the medieval village of the Municipality of Capena, just outside Rome, in front of a splendid valley.



Location: Capena (RM)
Year: 2009
Client: Municipality of Capena

A nest to enjoy art in intimacy within an exceptional setting between the historic walls of the medieval fortress. The combination of mosaics and glass harmonizes with the seasonal chromatic variation of the context.



Urban location of the Cow Parade: Hotel De Russie, Rome
Definitive Location: Chef Express Steak House, Bologna
Year: 2010
Client: Cow Parade, Rome
Patron: Alfa International

The idea of ​​Touch Cow was created to rediscover the sensations of touch, through a visual and three-dimensional journey, following an itinerary of shapes: cusps, curves, petals, mirrors, nature, geometries, patterns that, like a velvet, can reveal with intrigue and pleasure their character to those who touch them. The Touch Cow has been elected testimonial of the Cow Parade Rome 2010, the most original and entertaining contemporary international open air show. The work was sponsored by Alfa International and subsequently acquired by the Cremonini Group.


Via Dante Alighieri,15
00060, Capena (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 347 6720653 (DE)

     +39 389 9126738 (IT)

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