Location: Rome 
Year: 2012 

Client: private 

An impressive, innovative and dynamic playground.

It is a dragon of 20 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height, entirely covered with more than 7,000 hand-pressed scales one by one and mosaic. The dragon enters and leaves from the earth, as if this is fluid and is configured as a habitable sculpture. Inside the enormous head, a niche can be reached by climbing the red dragon tongue.

Below the main loop, a swing is installed, while the terminal part of the composition is a hybrid between a tail and a slide. The landscape project is completed by the installation of mosaic benches, some of them in the shape of a goat, with real gold horns

Via Dante Alighieri,15
00060, Capena (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 347 6720653 (DE)

     +39 389 9126738 (IT)

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