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Giovanni Battista Rea

Giovanni Battista Rea was born on 10 September 1980 in Rome, from an eclectic family of internationally recognized artists. His creative artistic studies took place in Germany, at the Höhr Grenzhausen ceramics school and at one of the oldest ceramic factories in the Westerwald dating back to the 1600s, Der Schlondes.

In this context, Battista has developed a precise stylistic direction inspired by the richness of Nature in terms of details, colors and softness of form. According to his vision, reality must always be filtered through a fantastic perceptive lens away from too "civilized" social models. Today, Battista has developed a personal style characterized by the formal combination of sculpture and mosaic art, applied to original projects ranging from accessories for indoor furniture to garden design, to the realization of urban works of high public recognition

Philosophy and Activities

The "Wachtmeister Werkstatt" laboratory, which in German means "night watchman's laboratory", is specialized in the processing of ceramics intended as a formal combination of sculpture and mosaic art applied to original projects ranging from indoor furnishing accessories to design from garden, up to the realization of urban works. The structure has two laboratories and a shop in the heart of Capena, a few steps from Rome.

Among its artisan collections, the laboratory offers a rich selection of products dedicated to the home and the garden, made of traditional ceramic, raku and concrete. Among the excellent works there are some special lines including the limited editions edited by Giovanni Battista Rea and Rosina Wachtmeister. In addition, the Wachtmeister Werkstatt creates urban works of art that have been designed ad hoc in response to the needs of the client.


The laboratory, since 2011, is officially certified by the Lazio Region - Department for Productive Activities (Regione Lazio - Assessorato alle Attività Produttive) as a Highly Aesthetic and Cultural Artisan Company in the Lazio Region.

Since 2012, the laboratory is inserted by the Province of Rome in the Rome Creative Province (Roma Provincia Creativa ) project promoted by President Nicola Zingaretti, dedicated to supporting and enhancing the creative class of Rome and its province.

Via Dante Alighieri,15
00060, Capena (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 347 6720653 (DE)

     +39 389 9126738 (IT)

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